Earn profit from your land while supporting a clean, independent energy future for America through renewable energy.

We are looking for qualified land to build utility-scale solar farms on. These projects will produce clean, renewable, home-grown energy right here in the USA.

If you are a landowner with a minimum of 300 acres, Eagle Solar Group offers a free evaluation to determine if your land can be developed for utility-scale solar.

Our experienced team of solar power project developers can enable you to earn a long-term predictable income stream from your land while we build and maintain the solar farm.


chart We provide transparent and simple explanations of the solar development process
Thumb We determine if your land is suitable for a solar project
chart We ensure permitting compliance within local zoning requirements
Thumb We offer attractively priced long-term lease or land purchase options and help explain the various benefits
Thumb We pay for any property tax increases that result from the construction of the solar farm
Thumb We ensure reputable, efficient contractors build on your land and maintain clean, safe construction zones
chart We hire veterans & local contractors first. Using your land for a solar development brings jobs to your community
Thumb We ensure surrounding areas near the site are well preserved
chart We manage the operations and maintenance of the site once built with no associated responsibility or cost to you
chart If you lease your land to us, once the life of the solar farm is complete, we remove the solar equipment and return the land to you


Review these basic requirements to discover if your land is suitable for a solar farm.

chart Minimum of 300 acres that can be used for a solar field
chart The acreage should be mostly contiguous. Multiple suitable parcels can be combined
chart Terrain should be mostly flat and dry. We can work around some limited wetlands, ponds, ravines, or drainages if the majority of the land is otherwise suitable
chart Cleared land or land in current agricultural use is preferred, but timbered land is also acceptable
chart Land containing agricultural irrigation systems is acceptable
chart Proximity to power company lines is preferred